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Lines of Research

Globalization, Deglobalisation and the International Order 

This line of research focuses on understanding how the dynamics of globalization, deglobalization and regionalization relate to factors of continuity and change in the international world order, including the rise of new global and regional powers.

European Union and Integration

Research on the European Union (EU) and global challenges has been a significant area of study, covering the role of the EU in addressing a range of global issues, including climate change, economic inequality, migration, and conflict. This research has highlighted the potential of the EU as a global actor, as well as the challenges of achieving coherence and effectiveness in its external policies.

Political and Social Institutions

Research on political and social institutions in relation to global challenges has been a crucial area of study in recent years.  In this line of research, the aim is to  explore the impact of political systems and institutions, including international organizations, on issues such as global governance, economic inequality, and human rights. This line of research has highlighted the importance of effective institutional design and governance and the need for greater accountability and transparency in decision-making.

Social Work and Social Intervention

The need for research that brings understanding of social problems and challenges and transform it to provide benefits to society, communities and individuals is at the heart of the creation of this line of research. It aims to contribute to a new generation of knowledge in social work and to the development of social intervention based on scientific evidence.

Religion & Identities

The relationship between religion and global challenges has been a topic of increasing interest and research in recent years. Scholars have investigated the role of religion in shaping attitudes towards issues such as climate change, poverty, and conflict, as well as its potential to inspire and facilitate action to address these challenges.

Security and Defence

This line of research covers the links between traditional security concerns, such as military conflict and terrorism, and non-traditional security issues, such as climate change, pandemics, and economic inequality. It highlights the complex and interconnected nature of global security challenges and the need for a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to addressing them.


GIRI-HUB – Gamification in International Relations Investigation Hub is a research lab integrated into the FCSEA at Lusófona University, Lisbon.
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