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Nuclear Simulation with Uppsala University

Simulation organised by Sabrina Medeiros and Jonathan Hall as part of the GIRI-hub and Uppsala Peace Lab collaboration from Sept 19th to Sept 27th.

The AJAPT 6.0 version (Agents Joint Assessment and Planning Tool), authored by Sabrina Medeiros, Ana Luiza Paiva, and Cintiene Mendes, is used as the simulation management and analysis platform.

Students engage in a simulation, allowing them to explore key course concepts and enhance their understanding of the challenges associated with the strategic dimensions of nuclear power. Participants will act as both actors and experts by contributing to the analysis of the results. Through this experience, students will examine key variables, including strategic thinking, scenario building, adversary behaviour estimation, negotiation skills – such as assertiveness, crisis management, the balance between rational-emotional decision-making – and ethical considerations.


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