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Permanent Seminar of Islamic Studies

The Permanent Seminar of Islamic Studies is a cycle of online lectures on themes and figures of Islam and Islamic civilisation, organised in the context of the scientific area of Science of Religions at Lusófona University, coordinated by Fabrizio Boscaglia.


  • 25/05 – 18h Ibn Khamīs of Évora and his mystical treatise (11th-12th centuries) – António Rei (IEM-Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
  • 29/06 – 18h Women poets of al-Andalus – Natália Nunes (IELT-Universidade Nova de Lisboa, CHUL-Universidade de Lisboa)
  • 27/07 – 18h Ibn al-Fāriḍ: the sultan of the passionates (576/1181-632/1235) – Abdelkrim Ben-Nas (Universidad de Alicante)
  • 31/08 – 18h What is a Ḥadīth? Introduction to the prophetic tradition in Islam – Fabrizio Boscaglia (Universidade Lusófona) e Yasir Aboobakr (Fundação Islâmica de Palmela)
  • 28/09 – 18h Considerations on the concept of Luso-Arab poetry – Catarina Nunes de Almeida (CEC-Universidade de Lisboa)
  • 26/10 – 18h The slave Briolanja, fashions and permanences of Islam (16th-17th centuries) – Franklin Pereira (ARTIS-Universidade de Lisboa)
  • 30/11 – 18h Praça-Mouraria: Islam, heritage and gentrification – José Mapril (CRIA-Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
  • 14/12 – 18h Ibn ʿArabī and Koranic hermeneutics based on mystical intuition (kashf) Carlos Frederico Barboza de Souza (PUC-Minas Gerais, MIAS-Latina)

*All lectures will be given in Portuguese or Spanish language

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