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Welcome to LusoGlobe: Advancing Global Understanding through Research

LusoGlobe operates under the auspices of Lusófona University, a driving force behind the scientific, cultural, economic, and social development of Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries. With a network of universities and colleges spanning Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, and Mozambique, Lusófona is home to a vibrant international community, from the Global North to the Global South.

In this dynamic context, LusoGlobe is dedicated to fostering scientific development through advanced research and graduate training. Our mission is to unravel the impact of global challenges on societies, states, and the international community.

Our Unique Identity and Academic Vision

The uniqueness of LusoGlobe as a research centre within the Portuguese university environment demands concerted efforts to strengthen institutional relations with other organizations. This collaboration is essential for the interdisciplinary research necessary to comprehend complex social and international phenomena in today's world.

Our academic project, inspired by the European Space for Higher Education, is built on forging new alliances that facilitate knowledge cooperative construction and transmission. Our mission encompasses a comprehensive analysis of social phenomena and involves a diverse array of internal and international partners, both individual and collective.

Simultaneously, we are committed to enhancing our governance structure ensuring swift and transparent decision-making processes, as well as guaranteeing the various layers of participation from scientific initiation to research senior leading.

We strategically leverage research to benefit civil society and transfer knowledge beyond the university setting, be it in political, economic, or social contexts.

Our Aims

  • Promoting Rigorous and Quality Research
    Establishing research based on high standards of rigor and quality.
  • Seeking Research Support
    Securing research support funds at the university, organic, and individual unit levels.
  • Building Partnerships
    Developing robust partnerships with the scientific community and public/private institutions at the national and international levels.
  • Disseminating Research
    Sharing research findings through publications in specialized journals and active participation in scientific events.
  • Advancing knowledge through the various networks within Portuguese-Speaking Countries and the European Union, especially dedicated to Open Science.
  • Fostering Interdisciplinarity
    Encouraging interdisciplinary debates and studies on complex themes and problems.
  • Investment in People
    Creating a conducive environment for individual and team development, promoting research-oriented teaching staff, attracting researchers, and providing external funding.
  • Global Collaboration
    Setting up networks and projects among research centres and teaching staff from other universities.
  • Promoting Knowledge Socialization
    Encouraging postgraduate research, creating a community of post-graduated students/researchers dedicated to innovative and impactful research.
  • Ethical Practices
    Cultivating a culture of integrity, fostering good ethical practices in research as a fundamental pillar.

Our Pillars: Research Excellence, Innovation, Excellence of Intervention, Reach and Significance, Integrity, and Inclusion.

Join us at LusoGlobe as we tackle the global challenges facing 21st-century polities, exploring diverse research areas and contributing to the advancement of knowledge for a better world.

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The Lusoglobe Centre for Global Challenges cooperates with several domestic and foreign scientific institutions. Its research fellows are active members of: