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Event: Sociological Thinking

07JUNE23 S.0.10 14h Opening Session Prof António Costa Pinto – FCSEA Director Prof José Filipe Pinto – Bachelor in Sociology Director 14h30 Debates – Prof Cristina Nunes (Ul) A Sociological Analysis of Social Movements and Groups of Protest in Portugal – Prof Rita Domingos (Ul/Cead Francisco Suárez) Deviant Behavior in Contemporary Society – Prof Doctor José Fialho Feliciano (Ul) The Importance of the Classics Today – Prof José Carlos Venâncio (Ubi) What I Gathered from Marx – Recitals of an Itinerary

Permanent Seminar of Islamic Studies

The Permanent Seminar of Islamic Studies is a cycle of online lectures on themes and figures of Islam and Islamic civilisation, organised in the context of the scientific area of Science of Religions at Lusófona University, coordinated by Fabrizio Boscaglia.

Call for Chapters

Dr Liliana Reis and Dr Paulo Mendes Pinto, researchers at the LusoGlobe, are the editors of the book entitled European Union, Human Rights and Religion – between crises and war, together with Donizete Rodrigues, Center for Research in Anthropology – Nova University of Lisbon. Call for Chapters


Event: Climate Change

Conference Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Lusophony Date: June 5th at 2:30 pm Organization: Liliana Reis, Universidade Lusófona/UBI; Daniel Gomes IUM Co-Organization: Maria do Carmo Martins and Meury Margarete (Universidade Lusófona/IUM)

Secularization and religious populism

Secularization and religious populism Jorge Botelho Moniz and José Brissos-Lino (LusoGlobe) published the article “Secularization and religious populism in Portugal” in the scientific journal “Estudos de Religião” (v. 37, n. 1 • 15-42 • Jan.-Apr. 2023 • Electronic ISSN: 2176-1078), a publication of the Methodist University of São Paulo specialized in Science of Religions.

Portugal Since the 2008 Economic Crisis

Book: Portugal Since the 2008 Economic Crisis – Resilience and Change, edited by António Costa Pinto. The book includes a large participation of the LusoGlobe Researchers. The volume is accessible to a broad academic audience, with chapters examining economic, political, social and foreign policy issues for scholars interested in an analysis of Portugal’s emergence from the economic crisis. Click here to access the Book info

Global Identitarianism

Global Identitarianism is about the global spread of the new far-right ideology and social movement Identitarianism. Riccardo Marchi (LusoGlobe) is one of the editors of the Book “Global Identitarianism”, together with José Pedro Zúquete.

The Impact of EU Politicisation

Susana Rogeiro Nina co-authored a chapter in the book “The Impact of EU Politicisation on Voting Behaviour in Europe,” edited by Marina Costa Lobo as part of the ERC-MAPLE project. The chapter compares EU politicization in media and parliamentary debates.
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