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universidade lusófona


May, 2024

Portuguese-Speaking Africa: Decolonization and its Legacies

On May 15th, a lecture on “DECOLONIZATION AND ITS LEGACIES IN PORTUGUESE - SPEAKING AFRICA” was given by Prof. António Costa Pinto, Lusófona University. The lecture is part of Events Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, that ended Portugal's dictatorship in one night,  hosted by the Department of Diplomacy and International Studies University of Nairobi in collaboration with Portugal ambassador- H.E Ambassador Ana Filomena Rocha. 
April, 2024

Lusófona University Promotes Dialogue on the Amazon and Sustainability

On April 24th, Lusófona University hosted the Round Table entitled "Amazonia: Sustainability, Innovation and Society", which brought together experts and students to discuss and propose solutions to contemporary environmental challenges affecting the Amazon region and the world, as well as the importance of global cooperation.
April, 2024

The chapthers of Jorge Moniz and Teresa Pinto in the book "Portugal Ingovernable? From the Absolute Majority to the Absolute Minority"

Our researchers Prof. Jorge Botelho Moniz and Prof. Teresa Nogueira Pinto have just had their work published in the book Ungovernable Portugal? From absolute majority to absolute minority (Imprensa de Ciências Sociais, 2024). Prof. Jorge Botelho Moniz's chapter deals with the theme of World Youth Day 2023, analyzing it as a laboratory for State-Church relations, and Prof. Teresa Nogueira Pinto's chapter deals with the reconfiguration of the European right and the end of the Portuguese exception. An important and up-to-date publication that puts LusoGlobe researchers at the top of the national research agenda.

May, 2024

Research paths in Human resources management and organizational behavior

The book "Research paths in Human resources management and organizational behavior/ Pecuros de Investigação em Gestão de Recursos Humanos e Comportamento Organizacional", organized by José António Carochinho, was recently published. It is a collection of six texts relating to six master's dissertations supervised by the organiser.

May, 2024

Confinaria: memories of an uncertain time – research in social science

The book "Confinaria: memories of an uncertain time - research in social science/ Confinária: memórias de um tempo incerto - investigação em ciências sociais", organised by José António Carochinho and Sérgio Vieira da Silva, and published by Edições Universitárias, recently came out. IT is a collection of seven studies relaed to the pandemic, beliefs and attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccines and ends with an investigation into expectations of the future in a post-pandemic scenario.

May, 2024

What's new in Angola in the opinion of young people: from demand movements to the emergence of a social movement

José António Carochinho publishes a paper on Proceedings of the III International Congress of Angolanistics/ "Atas do III Congresso Internacional de Angolanística" entitled "What's new in Angola in the opinion of young people: from demand movement to the emergence of social movement".